Block Bonuses end in 2 days
Tuesday - March 11, 2014
As the block bonuses come to an end in just a few days, the story of DNotes begins to unfold. It will be an exciting ride, so follow along and join us in making history!
Many in the Crypto World would primarily worry at this junction that when the block rewards end Miners would prefer to go to 'greener pastures' - meaning newer coins. We know for certain that the support we have had from miners is showing us the opposite. We have a firm base of support coming from various groups of the Alt Coin Population, especially our Miners..Even if any Mining Folks did decide to leave at this point for other ventures we would like to take this chance to sincerely thank them for pointing their mining gear at DNOTES for a while and hope that their mining experience was a pleasurable one and that they always have fond memories and have benefited from the DNOTES Adventure. For those that remain with us all we can say is that the Adventure has really just begun.

We have a plethora of activity happening behind the Scenes that will come to the Fore in time. There is a lot of brainstorming and ideas are slowly taking shape to determine the Future of DNOTES, which is looking pretty colorful from what our eyes can see. If you are a newcomer to DNOTES please enjoy this second incoming phase of our development. As a Miner or Investor/Collector of DNOTES you are most warmly welcome.