Block reward phase is now complete!
Thursday - March 13, 2014
Now that phase 1 of our journey has come to an end and the block rewards have ended we move onto the second phase of our development and we hope that you will carry on supporting us on our Journey to a better world.
Cryptocoins News has delivered a concise and accurate account of what we have accomplished so far and gives an extended review into the DNOTES situation including our launch strategy and where we are planning to head next.
We have managed to establish large communities on all the most important Social Networks, we have distributed bounties and gifts to a wide variety of the Population as intended and are still giving and we have also accomplished the difficult task of keeping the Coin Price stable. All these important points and more are mentioned in this great review which is well worth the read may we add.
A small glimpse into the Future of DNOTES is also mentioned and we hope that you can help us shape our future together.
Here is the article of interest: