Intro to DNotes Video Posted
Saturday - March 15, 2014
Here we have an "Introduction to DNotes" Video Posted courtesy of MiningHabit from bitcointalk. Not only is MiningHabit an Avid Supporter and Miner of DNOTES for personal reasons but he also makes a valid assessment and synopsis for the reasons why One should take Note of DNOTES as the Future of Crypto Currency. He helps those New to Crypto Currency in general through his navigation of the DNOTESSPHERE.
Valuable references are given to all the threads and links that One needs to click and peruse through in order to gain a greater understanding of what DNOTES is all about and also most importantly on how to get started with DNOTES, whether you are a Miner, Trader, Collector or Supporter, or all of these different levels of activity combined, it is a breeze to be part of the DNOTES Community. Main factors covered give emphasis on how stable DNOTES are in a rather volatile market of coins and also how sharing DNOTES with the Community can help revive future economies. Enjoy this video below and share at your leisure.