200,000 DNotes Twitter Contest Launched
Thursday - March 20, 2014
DNOTES strives as always to bring to the Community the best it has to offer. As it evolves into a bright future along with all our Fans we want to present bigger gifts and prizes along this wonderful journey together. What would you do with 50k, 20k or 10k DNOTES? Keep them for a rainy day? Spoil a Loved One or get a cool treat for yourself? Whatever the case may be we are sure EVERYONE loves to be pampered with DNOTES.
So all it takes is a simple task of following and retweeting and Bob's your Uncle! Get in on the fun now before this groovy contest ends.
Simply follow @DNotesCoin and retweet the following tweet to enter. 
1 x 50,000 DNotes
2 x 25,000 DNotes
10 x 10,000 DNotes
Winners will be randomly chosen using RandomPicker.com. 
Deadline is April 19, 2014 and winners will be posted on April, 20, 2014.