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After Four Years of Diligent Efforts to Encourage Women’s Participation in Cryptocurrency, CryptoMoms has Evolved to Become HERo

By January 11, 2019 News

DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the launch of HERo – the next evolution of CryptoMoms, which was founded in 2014 to encourage women’s participation in the nascent cryptocurrency space. CryptoMoms’s vision was to help narrow the gender gap in an industry that was overwhelmingly dominated by men in a ratio of 95 to 5, male to female. The industry has seen minor improvement over the years, though female participation remains below 10% even today. CryptoMoms, which now has more than 70,000 registered members, recognizes the growing need to be even more inclusive and expand its efforts beyond the cryptocurrency world.

HERo’s vision is to nourish and support a positive, welcoming, and resourceful environment that fosters the creation of a hero culture where change, equality, and opportunity start with its members and supporters. It is a culture that inspires and empowers everyone to take full advantage of the benefits offered by a new digital age of global commerce and collaboration.

The next generation of CryptoMoms’ missions involves expanding to be inclusive of all women worldwide, enabled by hyper-connectivity. HERo is non-political and designed to promote entrepreneurship and transformational technologies for women of all ages.

The team behind HERo conceived the idea to address the continuing lag in female participation in many of the most dynamic areas of the new economy. DNotes Global, Inc CEO Alan Yong said, “We are committed to the belief that knowledge, entrepreneurial endeavors, and a positive mindset for responsible self-empowerment hold the key to empowering women to close the gender gap and reach their full human potential.”

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized and new technology-based opportunities emerge, it is vital to have women entrepreneurs fully engaged and prepared. At present, we see a severe gender gap when it comes to that engagement.

Yong emphasized that the current lack of participation will not only prevent women from enjoying the full fruits of the new digital economy but will also prevent that economy from achieving its full potential. He cited several examples, noting that women’s participation is still lacking in areas like technology, fintech, blockchain, and entrepreneurship.

HERo is being launched as part of an ambitious effort to close that gender gap by providing women with the inspiration, encouragement, information, and resources they need to start new businesses, expand existing operations, and enjoy greater inclusion in the emerging digital economy.

The project is part of a global undertaking that will rely on the world’s hyper-connectivity to reach women everywhere in the world and provide the help they need to secure their own success and self-empowerment.

The company’s ambitious plans include an informational website that will provide invaluable entrepreneurial guidance. In addition, HERo’s strategy includes partnering with industry peers, showcasing successful female-centric and women-owned businesses, and providing tools and resources that women can use to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

DNotes Global’s venture capital and business consulting arm, NextGen VC will also have a role to play, offering pro bono and paid services to entrepreneurs who can benefit, and working with other investors to coordinate capital formation and investment where necessary.

HERo will also incorporate the foundational principles outlined in Yong’s essential business book, Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success. The company will not only implement those principles into its own business practices but will emphasize their important role in helping female entrepreneurs realize their goal of achieving true sustainable business success.

As Yong notes, “The idea behind HERo is simple: we believe that every woman has the ability to achieve whatever she can dream. Our job is to provide the encouragement, inspiration, and tools they need to become the entrepreneurial heroes they were meant to be. By empowering them to achieve those goals, we hope to help shape that inclusive world that we all want to see.”


About DNotes and Alan Yong:

Alan Yong is an author, visionary, and co-founder of DNotes, DNotes Global, CryptoMoms, HERo, DNotesVault, and DCEBrief. He is a frequent radio podcast guest covering digital currencies and his book “The Four Pillars of Business Success”.  Alan is featured in NLTV’s “Blockchain SuperStars”. He has published many articles that appeared in various publications creating a large Internet footprint. Alan is also the creator of Dauphin DTR, the most innovative tablet computer of its time in the early 1990s.

About DNotes:

DNotes is a small cap digital currency launched in 2014. DNotes Global provides the management and leadership in assisting DNotes to gain mass adoption as an inclusive trusted digital currency for global commerce. It has been building a fully integrated ecosystem that includes HERo, DNotesVault, CRISP Reward, DCEBrief, and a business book.

For more information please visit: https://nextgenhero.io/

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