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DNotes and its Co-Founder Alan Yong Featured in Newly Released NLTV Blockchain SuperStars International Television Special

By December 5, 2018 News

DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the release of NLTV Blockchain SuperStars video for general viewing https://youtu.be/Tm-nFIi-JpY

The Blockchain SuperStars program brings the Industry’s top experts and Hollywood’s brightest A-list superstars into the living rooms of every day Americans during a major Television Special Event Program that will be distributed nationally in all 220 major DMAs in the U.S. and to more than 50 countries around the globe.

Among the 20 Blockchain SuperStars featured in the International Television Special produced by award-winning NLTV Productions, DNotes is perhaps the least-hyped digital currency to make the list. DNotes is a small cap digital currency, ranked #701 on CoinMarketCap. This undiscovered gem is traded on Mercatox, Stex, and a few other small exchanges.

Since its launch on February 18, 2014, the DNotes core team has become known for going against the grain, in an industry often known for hype and get-rich-quick schemes. That hype culture has been exacerbated with the popularity of initial coin offerings (ICOs) – a controversial fundraising trend that saw 970 ICOs raise a total of $20 billion in 2018, according to Coin Schedule .

Most of the 970 coins raised their money based on little more than hype and white papers, with highly exaugurated claims and phantom projects that have led to an overall failure rate in excess of 80%.

Despite the allure of that easy money, DNotes steadfastly resisted the ICO craze. DNotes Global co-founder Alan Yong, acknowledged that, while the ICO is a great tool for capital formation, ICOs that are not registered or exempt with the SEC will invariably find themselves in violation of US security laws.

SEC law enforcement actions coupled with excessive hype and over-valuation have led to a drastic market correction with most cryptocurrency coins losing in excess of 90% of their value as measured against their all-time highs. Unfortunately, the industry has painted everyone with the same brush and DNotes has not been excluded from suffering significant price decline.

What is uniquely different about DNotes is its vision and the strategic path it has chosen since its launch. DNotes’ vision is to build an inclusive trusted digital currency worthy of mass adoption in global commerce as a supplement to fiat currencies. This ambition inspired the DNotes team to embark on a big and bold project of global scale that demands long-term commitment to great strategic planning and execution.

Now under the management and leadership of DNotes Global, the team staunchly believe that mass acceptance can only be facilitated with an inclusive coin that includes the full participation of the world’s female population. In that spirit, DNotes’ first major project was the founding of CryptoMoms to encourage the participation of women in the cryptocurrency space.

With over 70,000 registered members, CryptoMoms has evolved to become HERo. It has expanded its mission to be inclusive for all women worldwide, enabled by hyper-connectivity. HERo is non-political – designed to promote entrepreneurship and transformational technologies for women of all ages. It is committed to the belief that knowledge, entrepreneurial endeavors, and a positive mindset for responsible self-empowerment hold the key to empowering women to close the gender gap and reach their full human potential.

The DNotes team’s relentless commitment to building a solid foundation of trust and useful projects, taking fully advantage of blockchain technologies, has always guided its planning. They founded DNotesVault, created a family of CRYSP accounts, established DCEBrief, launched DNotes 2.0 with blockchain managed block rewards, and recently introduced DNotes Pay for micropayments. These are prime examples of what it takes to gain mass acceptance. The team’s conviction to playing a vital role in the blockchain arena is crystal clear.

As Blockchain SuperStars pointed out, “Blockchain is the world’s most explosive, disruptive, and world changing technology.” DNotes Co-Founder, Alan Yong, agreed with that assessment and added that blockchain technologies, properly implemented under the right leadership for the right purpose, will allow us to do many amazing things globally that would not have been possible before. The fact that it facilitates true global participation in micro payment and micro investment in a permissionless and stateless manner is fascinating and world changing.

However, Mr. Yong reminded us that we are still at the formative stage of a massive technology revolution that will likely end up being bigger than the Internet. This is an ingenious technology packed with the ability to facilitate the issuance of currency and direct payment between two parties without the participation of third parties.  Together, it is bigger than anything that we have ever known.  It is a generational opportunity for everyone worldwide and no one should be left behind.

Yong concluded that, “Realistically, it could take another ten years before mass adoption of digital currency becomes widespread on a global scale. But blockchain technologies are already making serious inroads into a rapidly growing list of applications and industries, including supply chain management, medical records, title insurance, identity verification, IoTs, and many more, covering many industries, institutions, and governments.”

About Alan Yong:

Alan Yong is an author, visionary, and co-founder of DNotes, DNotes Global, CryptoMoms, HERo, DNotesVault, and DCEBrief. He is a frequent radio podcast guest covering digital currencies and his book “The Four Pillars of Business Success”.  Alan is featured in NLTV’s “Blockchain SuperStars”. He has published many articles that appeared in various publications creating a large Internet footprint. Alan is also the creator of Dauphin DTR, the most innovative tablet computer of its time in the early 1990s.

About DNotes:

DNotes is a small cap digital currency launched in 2014. DNotes Global provides the management and leadership in assisting DNotes to gain mass adoption as an inclusive trusted digital currency for global commerce. It has been building a fully integrated ecosystems that includes HERo, DNotesVault, CRISP Reward, DCEBrief, and a business book.

For more information please visit: http://dnotescoin.com

To view the DNotes white paper, please visit: https://dnotesglobal.com/white-paper/

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