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DNotes Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary, Founder Alan Yong Reveals the Vision of Mass Adoption Goal for 2024

By February 18, 2019 News

DNotes Global, Inc. today celebrates the fifth anniversary of the DNotes digital currency. Company co-founder and CEO Alan Yong marked the occasion by revealing his five-year vision for digital currency mass adoption through the continuing development and expansion of the DNotes ecosystem and intensive focus on education, awareness, and inclusiveness.

Since its launch five years ago today, DNotes has been relentlessly focused on becoming the world’s trusted, inclusive digital currency. From the start, the DNotes currency has stressed the need to make digital currency accessible and useful for people of all walks of life, everywhere in the world.

Yong and his team have always believed that mass adoption of digital currency is not something that will just happen of its own accord. Instead, that goal can only be achieved through the creation of a fully-integrated ecosystem comprised of many components, including centralized, decentralized, and hybrid bridges.

“For five years, we have worked to develop the DNotes ecosystem,” Yong said. “In addition to the DNotes coin, we have created the secure, online DNotesVault, the DCEBrief news and opinion site, the HERo platform, and innovative payment system tools like DNotesPay. In addition, we have sponsored the educational platform, DNotesEDU.”

“As we continue to roll out elements of our DNotes ecosystem, we will build upon that momentum to lay the foundation for mass adoption with components that increase digital currency awareness and education, while providing the tools people need to fully participate in the emerging digital currency revolution.”

For DNotes, 2018 was an important year. Though the cryptocurrency markets remained bearish, the DNotes team pressed onward in their mass adoption efforts. Earlier in the year, DNotes Global released DNotes 2.0, a DNotes upgrade that implemented proof-of-stake, while adding more utility to the coin. The company also created DNotes Pay and launched HERo – a platform for promoting, inspiring, and educating women in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, and finance.

Yong stressed the important role that projects like HERo will play in the effort to achieve mass adoption of digital currency. Around the world, nations both big and small have slowly started to realize the importance of increasing female participation in their economies. It is just as important that they be fully involved and invested in this new technological revolution.

“Without female participation in the digital economy,” Yong suggested, “that economy can never achieve its full potential. Digital currency, blockchain, and every other aspect of the emerging digital age need women’s participation to achieve true success. We cannot build a truly beneficial digital economy if half the world’s population – women – are left behind.”

That firm belief in women’s increasingly important role in the ongoing effort to achieve digital currency mass adoption led Yong and his team to start 2019 with an even stronger emphasis on encouraging female participation. Though he acknowledged that the world may not see full mass adoption of digital currency for another five to ten years, the DNotes Global CEO suggested that the effort would be all but impossible without that emphasis on inclusion:

“DNotes has understood all along that inclusiveness and trust will be essential for achieving full adoption of crypto,” he said. “On our fifth anniversary since the launch of DNotes in 2014, we continue to take pride in our commitment to building a truly inclusive and accessible digital currency that can benefit everyone around the globe.”


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