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DNotes Global Inc Announces Release of DNotes Trading Bot

By December 13, 2018 News

DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the release of DNotes Bot, a trading bot designed to assist cryptocurrency exchange traders by providing automated trading for buy and sell orders. According to the company, the bot was created in response to growing demand from the DNotes community.

Like other trading bots used throughout the industry, the DNotes Trading Bot allows users to create an automated buy and sell strategy to maximize the trader’s opportunity to make profitable trades.

For example, the user can use the bot to create a buy order for a set number of DNotes at a given price and instruct the bot to then sell a set number of DNotes at a higher price once the original buy order has been filled. Once that sell order is completed, the automated bot repeats the process until the user cancels the bot.

Trading bots have grown in popularity largely due to the global nature of cryptocurrency market activity and the volatile nature of digital currency prices. Those factors often make it difficult for human trading to rapidly react to price changes, The DNotes Trading Bot offers a way for traders to plan and execute trading strategies that are less encumbered by those market challenges.

The DNotes Trading Bot is being made available to traders using the innovative DNotes Pay system, which allows users to purchase software and other digital products on an as-needed basis. “It’s pay-per-period,” DNotes Global, Inc. Chief Technology Officer Theodore Hauenstein said. “Through DNotes Pay, you can simply pay for the bot as you need it, rather than being forced to pay a full purchase price for something that you may only occasionally use. Users also benefit by being able to try the bot without making a larger price commitment.”

Hauenstein noted that the DNotes Trading Bot is available using DNotes Pay, for as little as $0.50 for one day’s use, or $2.80 for a week. The bot is currently optimized for use in two exchanges: STEX and Bittrex, with plans for additional exchanges in the near future.

“The DNotes Bot is another great example of our commitment to being inclusive for everyone around the globe,” DNotes Global, Inc CEO Alan Yong said. “It has been designed to be easy to understand and use, and thus requires almost no specialized technical knowledge for the user. And by making it available via our novel DNotes Pay software, we are ensuring that users have an affordable automated trading tool with flexible purchase options.”

Download Link: https://dnotescoin.com/Release_08122018_13_47_21.46.zip


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