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The DNotes Trading Bot was created by the DNotes team as an alternative to existing commercially-available trading bots which are often difficult to use and very expensive for a beginner who is just getting started. Our vision is to create a trading bot that is accessible anywhere in the world and that anyone can use to grow their portfolio and support the market they are trading in, irrespective of trading or bot experience. It uses a trading strategy that is easy to understand, flexible, and supportive of the market you are trading in, as opposed to trading strategies that are designed to extract value from the market.




You can create static ping pong grids consisting of a user defined buy and sell order. To understand how this works, let’s look at a single example bot:
In this example, we’ll set the supported exchange = Stex
Enter the market with a = Buy
Available market = NOTE_BTC
Buy Price = 0.00000280
Buy Amount = 100
Sell Price = 0.00000300
Sell Amount = 100



What will happen in this instance is the bot will create the initial buy order for 100 DNotes at 0.00000280. That buy order will remain there until someone sells into it and that order is completely filled. Once the buy order is completely filled, it will create a sell order for 100 DNotes at 0.00000300. Once someone buys into the sell order and the sell order is completely filled, the bot will then recreate the buy order for 100 DNotes at 0.00000280. It will continue this cycle forever until you cancel the bot.

You can have as many bots as you want. Building a grid of bots consisting of orders going up and down from the median price range is a good way to ensure your bot does not end up locked out of the market with large price fluctuations. As the price fluctuates within the selected range for your grid, you will be able to make a profit as the bot cycles between buy and sell.

You can make a profit off either side of the trade, or even split the profit by adjusting your buy and sell price. Using the example for buy 100 DNotes at 00000280 and sell 100 DNotes at 0.00000300, you would profit in BTC. You could profit in DNotes if you bought 100 DNotes at 00000280 and sold 93.5 DNotes at 0.00000300 (also accounting for fees).

You can create customized strategies and grids for the markets you are interested in trading. It currently works with any market listed on STEX or Bittrex. It is a simple yet powerful tool for trading that anyone can learn and use to start bot trading in cryptocurrency.




DNotes Trading Bot only accepts DNotes Pay Software, a novel payment system that takes full advantage of peer to peer payments over the DNotes blockchain to automatically deliver software using pay-per-period or one-time purchase.
You can purchase the DNotes Trading Bot with DNotes, using the DNotes wallet available at DNotesCoin.com. The following are the available purchase options:
1 Day Access for $0.50
1 Week Access for $2.80
1 Month Access for $10.50
1 Year Access for $91.25




You may download the trading bot here:
Unzip the files and run DNotes.TradingBot.exe.
You will be presented with the DNotes Pay paywall to purchase access to the software.

Select one of the payment options and you will be shown the address to pay and an exact amount to pay.

You will need the DNotes desktop wallet, which can be downloaded from our website https://dnotescoin.com.

Once you have paid, it will take a minute to register and the application will unlock. Enter your trading API keys and enter your password, then click save. You may close the application and re-open it, then you will be able to add bots and trade.

Watch the instructional video here:



Video on trading strategies:


Currently Supported Exchanges: 





Q: Does it trade more than DNotes?
A: Yes, it will trade all markets on the supported exchanges.


Q: Will you accept other currencies for payment? 
A: Not at this time, we only accept DNotes through the built in payment system, DNotes Pay.


Q: Are my API keys and coins on the exchange safe? 
A: You will need to enter your trading API keys into the trading bot and secure them with an encryption password. Your API keys are not transmitted in any way, only stored locally and encrypted with your password. Much like a wallet, if someone gets access to your wallet files and your passphrase, they have the ability to access your private key and steal your coins, or in this case access to your trading keys to trade on your account how they like. The communication from the bot to the exchange is both secure and encrypted. But again, if you have an infected PC, you are still at risk. So please be sure you have up to date anti-malware / anti-virus protection on any machine running a trading bot. When you create your API keys, be sure not to include withdrawal options. This will protect you against your coins being withdrawn from the exchange in the event your information is compromised.


Q: I lost my password, can you help? 
A: Sorry, we are unable to recover your password for you. Just like your wallet, if you lose your password, and don’t have any form of backup, you will be unable recover it. The trading bot can be reset and you will have to setup all of your trading strategies again if you do lose your password.