News & Updates

3/2/2014 - DNotes listed on Crypto Rush Exchange

DNotes now traded on Allcoin and Crypto Rush

2/26/2014 - DNotes listed on Allcoin Exchange

DNotes listed on Exchange

2/24/2014 - Single Use Promotional Faucet Launched

Large scale promotion for single use faucet launched

2/22/2014 - Official OSX Wallet Released

Official DNotes OSX wallet released for download.

2/22/2014 - Bitcoin Project Faucet Added

Bitcoin Project adds DNotes Faucet

2/22/2014 - coinOK Adds DNotes adds DNotes Faucet, Wallet Generator, and Scratch off Game

2/20/2014 - Alt Explorer Releases Block Chain Explorer

Alt Explorer releases DNotes block chain explorer

2/20/2014 - DNotes Bounties & Contests Thread

DNotes official bounties thread released

2/19/2014 - AltCoin Authority Article Published

AltCoin Authority publishes an article and giveaway

2/19/2014 - Crypto Trends Faucet

DNotes first faucet added Crypto Trends DNotes Faucet

2/18/2014 - DNotes Officially Launched

DNotes officially launched releasing Windows client, Linux Client, and Source Code.

2/18/2014 - CryptoCoins News announces DNotes Launch

CryptoCoins News announces DNotes Launch. Read the article at: CryptoCoins News

2/18/2014 - Pool Network Added

Pool Network joined & ready for launch,

2/18/2014 - Valid Error Pool Joins Pre-Launch

Valid Error Pool joined & ready for launch,

2/18/2014 - Charity Mining Pool joines DNotes Pre-Launch

Charity Mining Pool joines DNotes Pre-Launch

2/17/2014 - E-Pool Added

E-Pool, our first P2Pool added and ready for launch,

2/17/2014 - DNotes Pool Added

First pool added and ready for launch,

2/16/2014 - Official DNotes Announcement

DNotes official announcement released at