DNotes launched the first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan (CRISP) For Students, aimed at providing them multiple solutions and opportunities. Universities, schools and clubs will be apportioned codes allowing enrolled students to register to be awarded 500 free DNotes.

Illinois, USA. Market stable cryptocurrency DNotes launches their third long term Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan (CRISP) for Students. Following the launch of CRISP for Kids and CRISP for Retirement. While Bitcoin has struggled with explosive volatilities, second generation Bitcoin alternative DNotes has achieved remarkable stability and reliable appreciation since inception, making it a viable savings alternative with potential high returns that could help students avoid crippling student loan debt upon graduation.

DNotes Co-Founder Alan Yong explained that student debt hardship is a growing global problem, with damaging implications in future job and wealth creation for students. This global problem can be a great opportunity for DNotes and participating students. CRISP For Students mission is to engage and involve students worldwide to participate by having an ownership stake in the most innovative technology revolution since the Internet, positioning them to benefit from potential high returns and job opportunities. These students will become the next generation of DNotes’ leaders, innovators and stakeholders, who will provide further solutions to global problems.

We now live in a hyperconnected world and by the year 2020 more than five billion people worldwide will be equipped with smart phones that are even more powerful and feature rich. New technologies are making it possible to solve problems on a global scale we previously couldn’t. Bitcoin is one such technology considered by many as the most innovative and disruptive since the Internet. Essentially, Bitcoin is the future of money; a decentralized digital currency, coupled with an immensely powerful Blockchain that removes the need for trusted third parties in financial transactions.

Alan Yong, DNotes Co-Founder and pioneer of the first commercial tablet computer, warns that student loans are a major threat to long-term wealth accumulation and overall student well-being. Yong points to research by the Assets and Education Initiative (AEDI), that found students with outstanding debt, regardless of how little, are more likely to defer the purchase of revenue generating assets till later in adulthood. Yong added that,

“The current student generation may not have access to publicly funded retirement entitlements in the future. This is why the DNotes team has moved to alleviate inadequate private savings. CRISP For Students will assist students to get started with a digital savings account without having to pay for it, allowing them to gain immediate exposure and experience with digital currency – the future of money.”

DNotes Director of CRISP For Students, Timothy Goggin, said that universities, schools and related clubs will be apportioned codes that will allow enrolled students to register to be awarded 500 DNotes. Students will be asked to provide their code, e-mail, institution and course of study. If a student is unable to register, they will be prompted with instructions on how to best ascertain a code from their institution of study. Some students may also be employed to help the DNotes team with ongoing projects and marketing, while earning crucial work experience with people in the top of their field.

Central to DNotes long term strategic plan is the creation of highly scalable building blocks, as the foundation of its own ecosystem. Those strategic building blocks include CryptoMoms; a currency neutral site dedicated to encourage female participation, DNotesVault; free and secure storage for DNotes’ stakeholders with 100% deposit guarantee, and CRISPs; a family of Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans. CRISP for Students will become an integral part of DNotes ecosystem, with plans to include a conduit of scholar funds and an online global student marketplace. This is a global initiative to build the next generation of DNotes leaders and stakeholders, leading to mass consumer and mass merchant adoption of DNotes as a medium of exchange.

Universities, students, clubs and schools worldwide are invited to contact DNotes at [email protected] to arrange for distribution of free DNotes to students to initiate their cryptocurrency savings, and to learn of other exciting opportunities in the world of emergent digital currencies.

About DNotes And Alan Yong:

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong established personal computer company Dauphin Technology in 1988, which had contracts with IBM, the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Treasury. Having been well regarded as a visionary of a different tech era, emerging cryptocurrencies remind Yong of the early years of personal computers in the late 1980′s.

For more information about CRISP For Students visit: dnotesvault.com/crisp-for-students.php

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