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BadCredit.Org - DNotes Global: A Blockchain-Based Payments Ecosystem that Fosters Cryptocurrency Usage and Enhances Accessibility

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As featured on: https://www.badcredit.org/news/dnotes-facilitates-expanded-crypto-usage-and-accessibility/

When people think of cryptocurrency, two industries likely spring to mind: technology and finance. And if someone invests in cryptocurrency, there’s nearly a 25% chance that they work one of those industries.

According to Bitcoin.com, a little more than 15% of crypto holders work in the tech field and 8% work in finance. Cryptocurrency Hub reports that 39% of crypto users and holders are millennials. That number isn’t surprising since the demographic has grown up with hands-on digital technology.

But of all the crypto users in the world, a disproportionately low number are women. Bitcoin.com put the number of female crypto users at a little over 8% in May 2018, and Cryptocurrency Hub reported the figure at 13% as of September 2018 — up from 6% at the start of that year.

Both sources cited the lack of female participation in the crypto-related fields of tech and finance as a contributing factor in the disparity between male and female crypto users. But regardless of the numbers and reasons, cryptocurrencies will need to reach all categories of consumers to compete with, support, or surpass fiat as the dominant medium of exchange.

“What most of the people in our industry need to remember is that, when it comes to currency, whether it’s fiat or digital, we’re talking about the entire population. You cannot exclude certain groups because how could you get mass adoption if you are not inclusive?” said Alan Yong, CEO of DNotes Global, a cryptocurrency and payments platform that aims to foster inclusion.

DNotes cryptocurrency launched in February 2014 and has maintained a focus on becoming a global digital currency that brings equality into the space.

To that end, DNotes Global developed an ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between the current financial and commercial paradigms and emerging decentralized digital currencies. And its HERo initiative will likewise bridge the existing gender gap in crypto along with those in tech, financial services, and entrepreneurship.

An Ecosystem that Offers Greater Efficiency than Fiat and Competing Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies offer many benefits over the current financial system. Faster transactions and transfers, security against fraud, constant availability, and the systems are cheaper to execute since the network entirely cuts out the middlemen.

Read more at: https://www.badcredit.org/news/dnotes-facilitates-expanded-crypto-usage-and-accessibility/

HERo Announces Launch of Membership Platform for Empowering Female Professionals and Entrepreneurs

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HERo today announced the launch of the HERo membership platform, designed to empower female professionals, business owners, women’s groups, and others. The membership program will officially launch in September and will be open to male and female business professionals who want to expand their reach and further their careers.

The new membership platform will offer a variety of membership options, with an array of benefits to support members’ unique business needs and objectives. DNotes Global, Inc. CEO Alan Yong, who helped create the HERo project, emphasized that the goal is to provide female entrepreneurs with a powerful platform for networking, enhancing their business skills, and reaching new markets and business opportunities.

“To compete in the economy of tomorrow, women professionals and entrepreneurs will need to be fully-engaged in today’s digital marketplace,” Yong said. “HERo’s primary goal is to help women around the world more fully participate in that digital economy – to build vital business relationships, gain access to new networking opportunities, and get the skills and tools needed to compete and succeed in their business endeavors.”

According to a HERo spokesperson, the new platform will provide a basic membership as well as several upgraded membership options that offer expanded resources and benefits. The upgraded memberships will include a Service Provider membership option, as well as options for Expert members and Groups. Each option provides benefits tailored to those members’ unique needs.

Yong noted that benefits were selected to further HERo’s goal of serving as a global hub for women, women’s groups, and other organizations. “The different memberships will enable our members to take advantage of a variety of benefits, depending on their company goals,” he said. “Our objective is to ensure that the platform provides the resources, content, and connections that each member needs to achieve their business success.”

Among the benefits offered by the various membership options are: dedicated company, group, or expert pages; an opportunity to deliver content about company news and products; networking opportunities to build connections with industry experts, financial professionals, groups, and service providers; access to HERo’s editorial team to simplify content creation and have content published on the HERo website; and much more.

The team behind HERo is committed to helping to close the digital economy’s lingering gender gap, to ensure that women have the tools and resources needed to fully participate in an increasingly digital business world. As Yong has previously noted, without that full engagement, half the world’s population will be prevented from enjoying the benefits of that digital economy.

“HERo is part of a big, bold vision for female empowerment in this new digital age. Studies have found that women still suffer from low participation in important industries like technology, finance, blockchain, and virtual reality – and they remain underrepresented in leadership positions throughout the economy. Yong said.

HERo’s membership platform is designed to play an important role in closing that gender gap by providing women – and men who participate in the site – with access to the resources, information, tools, and inspiration they need to start and grow their companies or advance their professional careers.

Yong said, “We now have a tremendous opportunity to empower the world’s women and help them become the business HERoes they were always means to be! At HERo, we believe that every woman in the world has the talent and right to dream big and achieve those dreams. We intend to be here to empower them as they make that journey.”



CardRates.com “DNotes: The Crypto Focused on Becoming a Truly Global and Trusted Digital Currency to Supplement Fiat Transactions”

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As featured on CardRates.com - Link: https://www.cardrates.com/news/dnotes-is-a-cryptocurrency-focused-on-building-trust-for-global-adoption/

In a Nutshell: DNotes entered the cryptocurrency space in 2014 with the mission to become the most trusted digital currency on the market. The company’s Founder and CEO, Alan Yong, said DNotes can only gain the global mass adoption he envisions for the crypto if it gains the trust of its potential users. In working toward that goal, DNotes has established HERo, an initiative aimed at providing women with the resources, inspiration, and knowledge to play a significant role in the decentralized digital currency marketplace. Yong said the company is also working on establishing a complete ecosystem surrounding DNotes, including establishing an exchange, partnering with banks, launching multi-currencies cards, and offering its DNotes Vault wallet for users.

Alan Yong has always been a future-focused kind of guy.

In the early 1990s, Yong understood the great potential held by personal computers that were increasingly appearing on desktops in American households. But instead of jumping into the fray to compete with the PC manufacturers of the day, Yong was busy looking to the future.

He developed the DTR — the world’s first personal tablet computer — and landed multimillion-dollar contracts with the Pentagon and IBM.

Alan Yong
Alan Yong is the Founder and CEO of DNotes, a cryptocurrency focused on trust.

So, when Yong learned about a new tech called blockchain and the digital currencies being powered by it, he surveyed the young industry and began thinking about the future. But first, he had to figure out how to separate what he saw as a toxic culture surrounding cryptocurrencies from the technology itself.

“Initially, I said not to touch blockchain with a 10-foot pole,” Yong said. “It had a lot to do with the culture surrounding the industry. Overall, it’s not doing a better job than the big banking industry.”

But the more he thought about it, Yong said, the more he understood just how world-changing this new technology could be — even bigger than the internet.

“For the first time in the world — if done correctly — cryptocurrency would allow global participation using one common currency as a supplement to fiat currency,” he said.

After this realization, Yong got to work establishing DNotes, a digital currency that the CEO says stands apart from other cryptos due to the company’s long-term strategy to become a truly inclusive, trusted payment method open to anyone in the world.

Read More: https://www.cardrates.com/news/dnotes-is-a-cryptocurrency-focused-on-building-trust-for-global-adoption/

DNotes Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary, Founder Alan Yong Reveals the Vision of Mass Adoption Goal for 2024

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DNotes Global, Inc. today celebrates the fifth anniversary of the DNotes digital currency. Company co-founder and CEO Alan Yong marked the occasion by revealing his five-year vision for digital currency mass adoption through the continuing development and expansion of the DNotes ecosystem and intensive focus on education, awareness, and inclusiveness.

Since its launch five years ago today, DNotes has been relentlessly focused on becoming the world’s trusted, inclusive digital currency. From the start, the DNotes currency has stressed the need to make digital currency accessible and useful for people of all walks of life, everywhere in the world.

Yong and his team have always believed that mass adoption of digital currency is not something that will just happen of its own accord. Instead, that goal can only be achieved through the creation of a fully-integrated ecosystem comprised of many components, including centralized, decentralized, and hybrid bridges.

“For five years, we have worked to develop the DNotes ecosystem,” Yong said. “In addition to the DNotes coin, we have created the secure, online DNotesVault, the DCEBrief news and opinion site, the HERo platform, and innovative payment system tools like DNotesPay. In addition, we have sponsored the educational platform, DNotesEDU.”

“As we continue to roll out elements of our DNotes ecosystem, we will build upon that momentum to lay the foundation for mass adoption with components that increase digital currency awareness and education, while providing the tools people need to fully participate in the emerging digital currency revolution.”

For DNotes, 2018 was an important year. Though the cryptocurrency markets remained bearish, the DNotes team pressed onward in their mass adoption efforts. Earlier in the year, DNotes Global released DNotes 2.0, a DNotes upgrade that implemented proof-of-stake, while adding more utility to the coin. The company also created DNotes Pay and launched HERo – a platform for promoting, inspiring, and educating women in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, and finance.

Yong stressed the important role that projects like HERo will play in the effort to achieve mass adoption of digital currency. Around the world, nations both big and small have slowly started to realize the importance of increasing female participation in their economies. It is just as important that they be fully involved and invested in this new technological revolution.

“Without female participation in the digital economy,” Yong suggested, “that economy can never achieve its full potential. Digital currency, blockchain, and every other aspect of the emerging digital age need women’s participation to achieve true success. We cannot build a truly beneficial digital economy if half the world’s population – women – are left behind.”

That firm belief in women’s increasingly important role in the ongoing effort to achieve digital currency mass adoption led Yong and his team to start 2019 with an even stronger emphasis on encouraging female participation. Though he acknowledged that the world may not see full mass adoption of digital currency for another five to ten years, the DNotes Global CEO suggested that the effort would be all but impossible without that emphasis on inclusion:

“DNotes has understood all along that inclusiveness and trust will be essential for achieving full adoption of crypto,” he said. “On our fifth anniversary since the launch of DNotes in 2014, we continue to take pride in our commitment to building a truly inclusive and accessible digital currency that can benefit everyone around the globe.”

After Four Years of Diligent Efforts to Encourage Women’s Participation in Cryptocurrency, CryptoMoms has Evolved to Become HERo

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DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the launch of HERo – the next evolution of CryptoMoms, which was founded in 2014 to encourage women’s participation in the nascent cryptocurrency space. CryptoMoms’s vision was to help narrow the gender gap in an industry that was overwhelmingly dominated by men in a ratio of 95 to 5, male to female. The industry has seen minor improvement over the years, though female participation remains below 10% even today. CryptoMoms, which now has more than 70,000 registered members, recognizes the growing need to be even more inclusive and expand its efforts beyond the cryptocurrency world.

HERo’s vision is to nourish and support a positive, welcoming, and resourceful environment that fosters the creation of a hero culture where change, equality, and opportunity start with its members and supporters. It is a culture that inspires and empowers everyone to take full advantage of the benefits offered by a new digital age of global commerce and collaboration.

The next generation of CryptoMoms’ missions involves expanding to be inclusive of all women worldwide, enabled by hyper-connectivity. HERo is non-political and designed to promote entrepreneurship and transformational technologies for women of all ages.

The team behind HERo conceived the idea to address the continuing lag in female participation in many of the most dynamic areas of the new economy. DNotes Global, Inc CEO Alan Yong said, “We are committed to the belief that knowledge, entrepreneurial endeavors, and a positive mindset for responsible self-empowerment hold the key to empowering women to close the gender gap and reach their full human potential.”

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized and new technology-based opportunities emerge, it is vital to have women entrepreneurs fully engaged and prepared. At present, we see a severe gender gap when it comes to that engagement.

Yong emphasized that the current lack of participation will not only prevent women from enjoying the full fruits of the new digital economy but will also prevent that economy from achieving its full potential. He cited several examples, noting that women’s participation is still lacking in areas like technology, fintech, blockchain, and entrepreneurship.

HERo is being launched as part of an ambitious effort to close that gender gap by providing women with the inspiration, encouragement, information, and resources they need to start new businesses, expand existing operations, and enjoy greater inclusion in the emerging digital economy.

The project is part of a global undertaking that will rely on the world’s hyper-connectivity to reach women everywhere in the world and provide the help they need to secure their own success and self-empowerment.

The company’s ambitious plans include an informational website that will provide invaluable entrepreneurial guidance. In addition, HERo’s strategy includes partnering with industry peers, showcasing successful female-centric and women-owned businesses, and providing tools and resources that women can use to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

DNotes Global’s venture capital and business consulting arm, NextGen VC will also have a role to play, offering pro bono and paid services to entrepreneurs who can benefit, and working with other investors to coordinate capital formation and investment where necessary.

HERo will also incorporate the foundational principles outlined in Yong’s essential business book, Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success. The company will not only implement those principles into its own business practices but will emphasize their important role in helping female entrepreneurs realize their goal of achieving true sustainable business success.

As Yong notes, “The idea behind HERo is simple: we believe that every woman has the ability to achieve whatever she can dream. Our job is to provide the encouragement, inspiration, and tools they need to become the entrepreneurial heroes they were meant to be. By empowering them to achieve those goals, we hope to help shape that inclusive world that we all want to see.”


About DNotes and Alan Yong:

Alan Yong is an author, visionary, and co-founder of DNotes, DNotes Global, CryptoMoms, HERo, DNotesVault, and DCEBrief. He is a frequent radio podcast guest covering digital currencies and his book “The Four Pillars of Business Success”.  Alan is featured in NLTV’s “Blockchain SuperStars”. He has published many articles that appeared in various publications creating a large Internet footprint. Alan is also the creator of Dauphin DTR, the most innovative tablet computer of its time in the early 1990s.

About DNotes:

DNotes is a small cap digital currency launched in 2014. DNotes Global provides the management and leadership in assisting DNotes to gain mass adoption as an inclusive trusted digital currency for global commerce. It has been building a fully integrated ecosystem that includes HERo, DNotesVault, CRISP Reward, DCEBrief, and a business book.

For more information please visit: https://nextgenhero.io/

Media contact
Name: Alan Yong
Email: mailto:[email protected]

DNotes Global Inc Announces Release of DNotes Trading Bot

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DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the release of DNotes Bot, a trading bot designed to assist cryptocurrency exchange traders by providing automated trading for buy and sell orders. According to the company, the bot was created in response to growing demand from the DNotes community.

Like other trading bots used throughout the industry, the DNotes Trading Bot allows users to create an automated buy and sell strategy to maximize the trader’s opportunity to make profitable trades.

For example, the user can use the bot to create a buy order for a set number of DNotes at a given price and instruct the bot to then sell a set number of DNotes at a higher price once the original buy order has been filled. Once that sell order is completed, the automated bot repeats the process until the user cancels the bot.

Trading bots have grown in popularity largely due to the global nature of cryptocurrency market activity and the volatile nature of digital currency prices. Those factors often make it difficult for human trading to rapidly react to price changes, The DNotes Trading Bot offers a way for traders to plan and execute trading strategies that are less encumbered by those market challenges.

The DNotes Trading Bot is being made available to traders using the innovative DNotes Pay system, which allows users to purchase software and other digital products on an as-needed basis. “It’s pay-per-period,” DNotes Global, Inc. Chief Technology Officer Theodore Hauenstein said. “Through DNotes Pay, you can simply pay for the bot as you need it, rather than being forced to pay a full purchase price for something that you may only occasionally use. Users also benefit by being able to try the bot without making a larger price commitment.”

Hauenstein noted that the DNotes Trading Bot is available using DNotes Pay, for as little as $0.50 for one day’s use, or $2.80 for a week. The bot is currently optimized for use in two exchanges: STEX and Bittrex, with plans for additional exchanges in the near future.

“The DNotes Bot is another great example of our commitment to being inclusive for everyone around the globe,” DNotes Global, Inc CEO Alan Yong said. “It has been designed to be easy to understand and use, and thus requires almost no specialized technical knowledge for the user. And by making it available via our novel DNotes Pay software, we are ensuring that users have an affordable automated trading tool with flexible purchase options.”

Download Link: https://dnotescoin.com/Release_08122018_13_47_21.46.zip

DNotes and its Co-Founder Alan Yong Featured in Newly Released NLTV Blockchain SuperStars International Television Special

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DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the release of NLTV Blockchain SuperStars video for general viewing https://youtu.be/Tm-nFIi-JpY

The Blockchain SuperStars program brings the Industry’s top experts and Hollywood’s brightest A-list superstars into the living rooms of every day Americans during a major Television Special Event Program that will be distributed nationally in all 220 major DMAs in the U.S. and to more than 50 countries around the globe.

Among the 20 Blockchain SuperStars featured in the International Television Special produced by award-winning NLTV Productions, DNotes is perhaps the least-hyped digital currency to make the list. DNotes is a small cap digital currency, ranked #701 on CoinMarketCap. This undiscovered gem is traded on Mercatox, Stex, and a few other small exchanges.

Since its launch on February 18, 2014, the DNotes core team has become known for going against the grain, in an industry often known for hype and get-rich-quick schemes. That hype culture has been exacerbated with the popularity of initial coin offerings (ICOs) – a controversial fundraising trend that saw 970 ICOs raise a total of $20 billion in 2018, according to Coin Schedule .

Most of the 970 coins raised their money based on little more than hype and white papers, with highly exaugurated claims and phantom projects that have led to an overall failure rate in excess of 80%.

Despite the allure of that easy money, DNotes steadfastly resisted the ICO craze. DNotes Global co-founder Alan Yong, acknowledged that, while the ICO is a great tool for capital formation, ICOs that are not registered or exempt with the SEC will invariably find themselves in violation of US security laws.

SEC law enforcement actions coupled with excessive hype and over-valuation have led to a drastic market correction with most cryptocurrency coins losing in excess of 90% of their value as measured against their all-time highs. Unfortunately, the industry has painted everyone with the same brush and DNotes has not been excluded from suffering significant price decline.

What is uniquely different about DNotes is its vision and the strategic path it has chosen since its launch. DNotes’ vision is to build an inclusive trusted digital currency worthy of mass adoption in global commerce as a supplement to fiat currencies. This ambition inspired the DNotes team to embark on a big and bold project of global scale that demands long-term commitment to great strategic planning and execution.

Now under the management and leadership of DNotes Global, the team staunchly believe that mass acceptance can only be facilitated with an inclusive coin that includes the full participation of the world’s female population. In that spirit, DNotes’ first major project was the founding of CryptoMoms to encourage the participation of women in the cryptocurrency space.

With over 70,000 registered members, CryptoMoms has evolved to become HERo. It has expanded its mission to be inclusive for all women worldwide, enabled by hyper-connectivity. HERo is non-political - designed to promote entrepreneurship and transformational technologies for women of all ages. It is committed to the belief that knowledge, entrepreneurial endeavors, and a positive mindset for responsible self-empowerment hold the key to empowering women to close the gender gap and reach their full human potential.

The DNotes team’s relentless commitment to building a solid foundation of trust and useful projects, taking fully advantage of blockchain technologies, has always guided its planning. They founded DNotesVault, created a family of CRYSP accounts, established DCEBrief, launched DNotes 2.0 with blockchain managed block rewards, and recently introduced DNotes Pay for micropayments. These are prime examples of what it takes to gain mass acceptance. The team’s conviction to playing a vital role in the blockchain arena is crystal clear.

As Blockchain SuperStars pointed out, “Blockchain is the world’s most explosive, disruptive, and world changing technology.” DNotes Co-Founder, Alan Yong, agreed with that assessment and added that blockchain technologies, properly implemented under the right leadership for the right purpose, will allow us to do many amazing things globally that would not have been possible before. The fact that it facilitates true global participation in micro payment and micro investment in a permissionless and stateless manner is fascinating and world changing.

However, Mr. Yong reminded us that we are still at the formative stage of a massive technology revolution that will likely end up being bigger than the Internet. This is an ingenious technology packed with the ability to facilitate the issuance of currency and direct payment between two parties without the participation of third parties.  Together, it is bigger than anything that we have ever known.  It is a generational opportunity for everyone worldwide and no one should be left behind.

Yong concluded that, “Realistically, it could take another ten years before mass adoption of digital currency becomes widespread on a global scale. But blockchain technologies are already making serious inroads into a rapidly growing list of applications and industries, including supply chain management, medical records, title insurance, identity verification, IoTs, and many more, covering many industries, institutions, and governments.”

About Alan Yong:

Alan Yong is an author, visionary, and co-founder of DNotes, DNotes Global, CryptoMoms, HERo, DNotesVault, and DCEBrief. He is a frequent radio podcast guest covering digital currencies and his book “The Four Pillars of Business Success”.  Alan is featured in NLTV’s “Blockchain SuperStars”. He has published many articles that appeared in various publications creating a large Internet footprint. Alan is also the creator of Dauphin DTR, the most innovative tablet computer of its time in the early 1990s.

About DNotes:

DNotes is a small cap digital currency launched in 2014. DNotes Global provides the management and leadership in assisting DNotes to gain mass adoption as an inclusive trusted digital currency for global commerce. It has been building a fully integrated ecosystems that includes HERo, DNotesVault, CRISP Reward, DCEBrief, and a business book.

For more information please visit: http://dnotescoin.com

To view the DNotes white paper, please visit: https://dnotesglobal.com/white-paper/

Media contact

Name: Alan Yong

Email: [email protected]

DNotes Global Inc Announces DNotes Pay Payment Gateway For WooCommerce

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DNotes Global, Inc. today announced the release of the new DNotes Pay payment gateway plugin for the WooCommerce eCommerce platform. The new plugin will enable websites using WooCommerce to add DNotes payment options to their online shopping carts.

WooCommerce is one of the more popular eCommerce solutions, with more than 26 million downloads and over four million active installations. The WooCommerce platform is used by roughly 30% of all online stores around the world. The DNotes Pay plugin ensures that those merchants now have a simple, effective way to seamlessly integrate DNotes payment capabilities into their checkout systems.

DNotes Global CTO Theodore Hauenstein said that this product release is part of DNotes Global’s continuing effort to ensure that DNotes Pay is accessible for all the world’s most popular and commonly used eCommerce platforms. As part of that effort, the company has recently released a WordPress plugin and checkout script for merchant use.

“The WooCommerce platform is extremely popular with many WordPress websites,” Hauenstein said, “and provides an effective and comprehensive system for managing a whole array of eCommerce activities, ranging from inventory and order management to shopping cart functionality and a checkout system. Our goal with the DNotes Pay plugin for this platform was to provide a simple, easy-to-use way for those WooCommerce sites to offer customers the DNotes payment option.”

A company spokesperson noted that the plugin is easy to install and incorporate into any WooCommerce environment. Anyone using WooCommerce can simply download the plugin, upload it to their site, and activate it. Once installed, there are just a few basic settings to configure to complete the process. Hauenstein suggested that the entire process takes only a few minutes to complete.

Once the initial setup is done, the website’s eCommerce platform will show DNotes Pay as a payment option during checkout. Site users will be able to use their DNotes to purchase products from the site and payments will be automatically confirmed at the backend. More importantly, the entire process occurs without any third-party involvement or excessive fees.

DNotes Global Inc CEO Alan Yong stressed the important role DNotes Pay and similar innovations play in the company’s long-term strategy to bring the full benefits of digital currency to the world. “The digital revolution is perhaps the greatest innovation we’ve seen in many generations,” Yong said. “As the world becomes ever more digitalized, we need new and even more innovative ways to manage our digital lives. In areas like eCommerce, we are moving toward more efficient, trustworthy, and inexpensive ways to manage transactions.”

“DNotes Pay is part of our broader effort to bridge the divide between the existing centralized system and the emerging decentralized economy. This plugin, like other DNotes Pay innovations, is one more tool that can help businesses and other sellers to break free of reliance on third-party payment processers and provide their customers with cheaper, more efficient payment options and a greater measure of economic freedom.”

“The future of money is here,” Yong said. “And DNotes Global is committed to helping to forge the path that enables everyone in the world to benefit from digital currency and blockchain technology. DNotes Pay and our other exciting, innovative product and service solutions are critical to our efforts to achieve that goal.”

To download the plugin, please visit: https://github.com/DNotesCoin/dnotespay_payment_gateway_woocommerce


DNotes Global to be Featured in Blockchain Superstars Documentary Series

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DNotes Global, Inc. is excited to announce that the company will be among those featured in the upcoming world-first documentary television series, Blockchain Superstars.

The show is a seven-part series, produced by NLTV — an elite Television studio best known for producing a wide range of Emmy Award winning hit series and high-end television commercials for Fortune 500 companies. NLTV producer Luke Miles said that Blockchain Superstars intends to bring clarity, substance, and education to American living rooms regarding the much-publicized excitement and complexity surrounding blockchain and digital currency.

“Blockchain Superstars will feature a litany of top industry experts and some of Hollywood’s brightest A-list celebrities and will give an inside view into some of the companies and technologies that are thought by many to be those that will make the biggest impact in the upcoming months and years.”

According to an NLTV press release, the show will be distributed nationally in all 220 major DMA’s in the US this fall and will be broadcast in more than 50 countries around the globe.

DNotes Global Inc. CEO Alan Yong offered high praise for the show’s commitment to educating everyday people about the next wave of technological innovation. He also expressed his appreciation for DNotes’ inclusion in the program as one of the most trustworthy and respected teams in the industry.

“DNotes is a big project with a long-term vision and a mission to become a truly global supplemental digital currency that provides greater financial inclusiveness and self-empowerment for people of all walks of life. We are extremely thankful to the producers of Blockchain Superstars for recognizing that vision and believe that our inclusion in the program is a testament to DNotes’ commitment to being among the most trusted in our industry.”

Since 2014, Yong and his team have worked to develop a business ecosystem that can support and sustain the DNotes digital currency, facilitate mass acceptance and adoption on a global scale, and build essential bridges between the current financial and economic system and the decentralized world of digital currency and blockchain technology.

That ecosystem includes important elements like the DNotesVault, a secure web wallet for DNotes stakeholders that offers cold-storage for crypto assets, a simplified multi-feature dashboard for account management, and multiple layers of protection – including a guarantee fund that provides complete protection against loss. Other elements of the DNotes ecosystem include the educational platform DNotesEDU, the company’s news site DCEBrief, automated invoicing, the CRISP program that automatically distributes interest on savings paid by the blockchain, and the DNotes Pay tools for online merchants.


About DNotes and Alan Yong:

DNotes co-founder Alan Yong is a well-regarded visionary who established Dauphin Technology in 1988. He is the author of the book “Improve Your Odds: The Four Pillars of Business Success and is well-regarded as a “thought leader” in the cryptocurrency industry.

DNotes is a digital currency noted for its consistent and reliable growth, and innovative initiatives that actively engage women, young people, small businesses, workers, and others – effectively inviting the world to participate in the digital currency revolution.

For more information about NLTV and Blockchain Superstars please visit: http://nltvstudios.com/new-blockchain-series/

For more information about DNotes please visit: https://dnotescoin.com/

Media contact

Name: Alan Yong

Email: [email protected]

DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong To Share Vision In Keynote Speech At Emerge ICO Summit In Austin

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DNotes Global, Inc. today announced that company CEO Alan Yong has been invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Emerge ICO Summit on October 9 in Austin, Texas, in which he is expected to share his vision for the blockchain and digital currency industry.

The Emerge ICO Summit is being hosted by Ten Capital Group, and will bring together angel investors, venture capitalists, and crypto hedge funds from the Ten ICO Syndicate with cryptocurrency startups and other companies raising ICO funds. The event is billed as an opportunity for blockchain-based startups to interact directly with technology investors.

The summit will include several sessions focusing on different aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, including sessions detailing ICO best practices, tokenization, financial disruption, and the blockchain. Other sessions will address micropayments, blockchain-based dispute resolution, and the newest blockchain applications.

Ten Capital’s Hall Martin highlighted blockchain technology’s promise and its increasingly mainstream appeal to investors. “Blockchain is going mainstream in the Fintech space with institutional investors wanting to adopt the technology and participate across the board,” he said.

Yong is the former head of Dauphin Technology and has been at the forefront of technological evolution for three decades, with innovative leadership in personal computing and cryptocurrency. His company, DNotes Global, is dedicated to creating and maintaining an ecosystem that will support the DNotes digital currency and foster its mainstream adoption on a global scale.

As CEO of DNotes Global, Alan Yong has been outspoken about his views on initial coin offerings, particularly as they relate to issues surrounding regulation. He has praised ICOs as a “tremendous tool for capital formation” and called them a “superior option for fundraising when compared to traditional capital formation strategies and tools.”

At the same time, however, he has urged that his industry take note of regulators’ views on this new fundraising tool and act responsibly to address those agencies’ concerns. He has suggested that startups work to comply with SEC regulations to avoid conflict with current legal requirements and the potential for new, more draconian regulations that might stiffly innovation.

Yong is also an enthusiastic spokesman for his industry and has predicted that digital currency and blockchain technology will play an important and central role in the emerging digital age. “As time goes by, everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized,” he said. “Today’s blockchain-based startups are leading us into that digitalized age, with many new and exciting projects that will change the way we think about financial management, payment systems, and financial inclusivity and self-empowerment.”

“Today’s tech investors have an opportunity to help lead the world into that digital age and are always searching for truly worthy projects that can impact people’s lives and open the door to new levels of job and wealth creation. The upcoming Emerge ICO Summit will play a tremendous role in facilitating that process, so I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone in attendance.”

For more information on Emerge ICO Summit please visithttp://www.emergeicosummit.com/