Download the DNotes 2.0 pre-alpha windows build and source code:

Release Notes

DNotes 2.0 Pre-Release Alpha
This pre-release is an open alpha for individuals to test out features of the upcoming DNotes 2.0 release. This network and all associated address balances will be wiped before the final DNotes 2.0 production release. The dnotes-qt.exe executable available with this pre-release should work on most modern Windows operating systems.

New Features for DNotes 2.0
Switch from Proof Of Work to Proof Of Stake with ~2% annual staking reward.
Updated transaction fees to be destroyed.
Added display of DNotes and Wallet value in USD (based on coinmarketcap’s API).
Added DNotes news feeds.
Added invoice number support for sending NOTE to an address. The format to specify an invoice number when sending to an address is (address)+(invoice number).
Added CRISP payouts for keeping NOTE Balance in the same address for a period of time. For the alpha release network, the payouts happen approximately every day. The first payout block is 1500 and additional payouts happen every 1440 blocks. The final production release will payout approximately every month instead.

Post your DNotes 2.0 pre-alpha address here or send an email to [email protected], and we will send you some coins.

Regression Testing
For those of you that are familiar with running console commands, if you would like to participate in regression testing, please use this form:

Invoice Number
This is the first step in the implementation of the automated invoicing system, allowing you to add an invoice number to a transaction.
You may attach an invoice number after the address by adding a plus sign after the address, followed by the invoice number.

Address = ScsZXeo2PeLzNPVcjHdtkjQX5zY6phjTEm
Invoice Number = 1kH98asd9Hb3U8aksdnJNgs7923nasdj
Send Payment to = ScsZXeo2PeLzNPVcjHdtkjQX5zY6phjTEm+1kH98asd9Hb3U8aksdnJNgs7923nasdj
The client will recognize the difference between the address and invoice number and store them on the blockchain accordingly.

Scenario you can test:
Send a payment to an address with a random invoice number attached as the example above outlines.
Verify in your transactions that the invoice number was attached.
You should also be able to verify this independently from any node by getting the transaction id, going to the console (help > debug window > console), and typing gettransaction <transaction id>

Address = ScsZXeo2PeLzNPVcjHdtkjQX5zY6phjTEm
Invoice Number = 1kH98asd9Hb3U8aksdnJNgs7923nasdj
Transaction id = 2e56d470d068a89d51bf20f83c25622d7d5dc16f9a0b7763d3e6940733d4d791-000
gettransaction 2e56d470d068a89d51bf20f83c25622d7d5dc16f9a0b7763d3e6940733d4d791-000
Look for: “invoiceNumber” : “1kH98asd9Hb3U8aksdnJNgs7923nasdj”
And verify it matches your invoice number.

Note: Our block explorers will look for invoice numbers and have an API to call from invoice number. We may implement a RPC call for it as well. This will allow anyone to independently verify a address and invoice number from anywhere.

If you are familiar with the staking process, there are no significant changes.
1 minute block times.
Block reward is 2% of total coins in circulation, divide by the number of blocks in a year.
How much you actually earn will depend on how many coins people are currently staking.
Weighted against the network.

Block Reward Example:
Number of Coins = 130,000,000
2% of 130,000,000 = 2,600,000
Number of blocks in a year = 525,600
Block reward: 2,600,000 / 525,600 = 4.94672754…
The block reward will change every block.

Note: You will experience blocks that are staked and then later rejected.

How to stake:
Setup and staking video:
Open your wallet - Open dnotes-qt.exe
Encrypt your wallet - Settings > Encrypt Wallet > Enter password > Enter Password Again > Click ok > Click ok > wallet will close. Re-open wallet.
Make sure you have coins in your wallet and they are confirmed and mature.
Unlock your wallet - Settings > Unlock Wallet > Enter password > Click ok.
In the lower left the lock should be unlocked and the up arrow should be green. You will now be staking. You can hover your mouse over the lock and the up arrow to see the status.

CRISP reward will be 0.5% every 1440 blocks (1 day for pre-release, but it will be 1 month for actual release). This will occur automatically.

All coins must remain in the same address for the entire period.
If you deposit at 1441, you will not receive CRISP reward at block 2880, your first CRISP reward would be block 4320.

Scenarios to test:
If you received CRISP reward with an online wallet.
If you received CRISP reward with an online and staking wallet.
If you received CRISP reward with an offline wallet.

We welcome all questions, suggestions, comments, and feedback. Please use the following forms, you may also post here for community discussion.

Suggestions and Feedback Form:

Report any issues here:

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