2015 was a busy year for DNotes. The company saw to the creation of multiple savings plans to help either retired persons or attending university students. It is also seeking to create a new business entity that fully integrates the blockchain, and DCEBrief has set out on a mission to provide solid, no-nonsense stories regarding DNotes and the world of digital currency in general. When all is said and done, DNotes clearly has a lot on its plate, and this is JUST THE BEGINNING…

December – DNotes Announces Company Launch and Book for Small Business Owners for 2016

DNotes today announced the early 2016 release of a book for small business owners. The announcement comes on the heels of October’s revelations about the company’s plans for the launch of a new for-profit enterprise next year. DNotes officials have confirmed that the new company launch and the planned book release are part of an ongoing strategy to differentiate the DNotes ecosystem and better serve partners and customers throughout the cryptocurrency industry and beyond.


November – Cryptopia Starts Adding DNotes & DNotes Video Series Launched

Based in New Zealand, Cryptopia is setting out to create the simplest and most effective uses for cryptocurrency users. In November, the company offered DNotes a pleasant surprise when they started adding the DNotes cryptocurrency to its platform, thereby helping to solidify DNotes’ reputation as the digital money of the future.


Timothy Goggin, director of CRISP for Students, launched the first of a series of DNotes videos. The DNotes video series provides an introduction to digital currency, its advantages, DNotes projects and services, and our plans to harness the potential of payment protocol to become a prominent and competitive money transfer processor in the near future.


October – DNotes will Launch New Company in 2016 that Integrates the Blockchain, the DNotes Currency and a New Payments Systems

The DNotes team will create a new company that will focus on the DNotes cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the payment system in 2016. DNotes the currency will have 25 percent ownership in the company to start, subject to dilution, as the company is expected to grow heavily over time. Company founder Alan Yong believes that the new structure is likely to bring about more social benefits than even the Internet itself.


September – DNotes Launches DCEBrief News Site & DNotes Listed on Cryptsy Exchange

DNotes launches DCEBrief, allowing readers the opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in the world of DNotes and cryptocurrency. The site is designed to give business owners, decision-makers, and others who have a say in the world of finance and digital currency unbiased, to-the-point information regarding today’s most important cryptocurrency-related stories without any “fluff or filler.”


After some time the DNotes team and supporters made a push to have DNotes listed on Cryptsy, and finally got listed in September. This was a win for the DNotes community demonstrating their strength.


August – DNotes Offers Free Bitcoin Education App

In an attempt to show the general public that one doesn’t need to be fully “tech savvy” to understand digital currency, DNotes launched an education app via Google that features how-to guides, definitions, links and even a quiz to assure everyone is learning about the money of the future. Cryptocurrency is looked at as something that will likely affect how business is done all over the world, and DNotes wants to make sure everyone is familiar with how it will work.


June – DNotes Presents at Nasdaq in New York & Alan Yong is Interviewed by CoinTelegraph

The Silicon Dragon Event, which took place at the Nasdaq in New York, featured Alan Yong and DNotes making an appearance on the panel alongside Francesco Rulli of bitLanders and Sarah Martin of the Digital Currency Council. Yong is a cryptocurrency and technology entrepreneur that has been innovating in the technology field for over three decades.


Yong was also interviewed by cryptocurrency news platform CoinTelegraph. During the talk, Yong spoke on a number of topics, including what it was about bitcoin that influenced him to create DNotes and how cryptocurrency could potentially solve the country’s debt crisis. Yong refers to DNotes as a “currency with a purpose.”


May – DNotes Launches World’s First Cryptocurrency Employee Incentive Plan

DNotes has launched an employee incentive benefits plan. Employees must register for the program using a single form. From there, they are issued a dashboard that provides information regarding their specific and unique activity. Their employer is then able to send them DNotes accordingly. The program is built to help employees build long-term goals for before and after retirement.


March – DNotes Offers Help with Student Debt through Cryptocurrency

DNotes launches CRISP for Students, a new savings plan designed to help university attendees alleviate some of the debt and financial ailments they’re likely to experience after graduation. Schools, students and clubs alike will be eligible to join in on the action. They’ll be apportioned specific and unique codes, which they can use to get their hands on special gifts of up to 500 DNotes, the cryptocurrency that is slated to grow beyond measure in the next five years.


February – DNotes Launches New Retirement Plan Set to Help the Underfunded and Unbanked

The plan is set to offer up to 12 percent annual returns for participants. In today’s economy, many are underserved by the traditional methods of modern-day banks, and it’s becoming harder to save for retirement. DNotes is aiming to change all this through its own digital currency, which is not only completely secure, but is slated to grow heavily in value.


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