DNotes Global, Inc. today announced that its DNotes 2.0 digital currency will be listed on the Cryptopia exchange, effective May 12, 2018. The company revealed the news after receiving confirmation from Cryptopia, and a DNotes Global spokesperson praised the exchange’s service team for their professionalism.

“Cryptopia’s service team has been working closely with us to complete the listing process, and they have been helpful and responsive at every step of the way,” DNotes Global CEO Alan Yong said. “We have been impressed with how quickly they have handled the transition from DNotes to DNotes 2.0, and the great care they have taken to minimize any confusion for their exchange customers.”

DNotes Global, Inc. recently completed the successful launch of its DNotes 2.0 digital currency, which replaces the DNotes coin that launched in 2014. The new coin includes several important upgrades designed to provide greater benefits for stakeholders and enhance the company’s efforts to achieve its goal of achieving widespread mainstream acceptance and adoption on a global scale.

The upgrades include a switch to a proof-of-stake (POS) network consensus algorithm – a change that was prompted by the company’s desire to move influence from the mining community to DNotes owners and users. The new system will also enable DNotes stakeholders to earn DNotes by using their DNotes wallets to run nodes that support the coin’s network.

A company spokesperson has confirmed that DNotes Global has been in contact with other digital currency exchanges, as part of its effort to get DNotes 2.0 listed for trading on those platforms as well. The listing process is reportedly a top priority for DNotes Global, as the crypto community relies on the exchanges to acquire and trade digital currencies.

In the case of Cryptopia, the exchange has reportedly set the May 12 deadline to ensure that its customers are not confused by the transition from DNotes to DNotes 2.0.

Meanwhile, DNotes Global’s efforts to complete the stakeholder coin swap continue. The company had previously advised DNotes holders to remove their coins from the exchanges by April 16, 2018. Stakeholders who completed those transfers and stored their DNotes in the secure DNotesVault were provided with automatic swapping from DNotes to DNotes 2.0.

According to a company FAQ, stakeholders who have not yet swapped their old DNotes for the upgraded coins will still be able to do so in the immediate future, but the process will be done on an individual basis. In addition, DNotes Global had announced an April 16 soft deadline for miners. DNotes mined after that cutoff date will not be eligible for the DNotes 2.0 swap.

Company officials have emphasized the importance of ensuring that stakeholders enjoy a seamless transition to the upgraded coin. CEO Alan Yong has suggested that the company’s dedication to managing that transition is essential for achieving the broader goal of mass acceptance and adoption of the DNotes digital currency.

“Many members of the DNotes community have been with the coin since its initial launch,” Yong said. “Over that four years of involvement with the project, they have seen our commitment to ensuring that DNotes is understandable, accessible, and easy-to-use. With DNotes 2.0, we intend to maintain those important benefits as we continue to strengthen and expand the DNotes ecosystem and establish DNotes 2.0 as the world’s first globally accepted digital currency.”

Yong also said that additional announcements about other exchange listings will be revealed as those exchanges make their decisions in the weeks and months to come.

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