Four Pillars of Business Success

The Four Pillars of Business Success is a business book written to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and managers learn to develop the strong foundation every business needs to be the best in class.

The book’s author, Alan Yong, utilizes the insights he has gained over the course of four decades in business to offer today’s entrepreneurs a roadmap to success. This book is written to help them overcome many of the most common strategic and operational challenges confronting today’s companies. In a world where more than two-thirds of all business enterprises fail within their first ten years, The Four Pillars of Business Success calls upon its readers to return to first principles to achieve real and lasting success.


Smokey’s Gardens

Located in Coldwater, Michigan with over 70 acres, we are one of the largest daylily growers in the United States. Smokey’s Gardens grows over three thousand varieties of daylilies with over five million plants, including thousands of seedlings and daylily seed production. Our customers are home gardeners, collectors, landscapers, and wholesale distributors. Regardless of your growing needs, we have a large selection of daylilies for you, from well known longstanding varieties as well as newly released introductions.


DNotesEDU - Global Digital Currency Industry Insight Report

DNotesEDU Global Digital Currency Industry Insight Report provides a first hand look into the rapidly evolving space of digital currencies. This is the perfect insight report for investors, executives, and government officials, who need a no-nonsense assessment of where cryptocurrency is now, and where it is going. The 45 page report offers readers a well rounded and honest perspective of the industry.


Bitcoin Market Share

Find information, news, and opinions about cryptocurrency form active cryptocurrency investors. Market prices updated live without constant marketing gimmicks. Learn the basics of cryptocurrency without the “geek speak” that surrounds the marketplace. We go in depth only where needed and large readers to use multiple sources for crypto buying and selling decisions.