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DNotes: a Cryptographic Payment Network

is a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer payment system where users can send money to one another directly and promptly, while securely excluding any intermediaries from taking commission on the payments. DNotes is bridging the gap between well-understood existing centralized money systems and its new decentralized model. DNotes is a currency surrounded by a business ecosystem built on sound business principles, with every architectural piece integrated to support and enhance a solid foundation capable of rapid and reliable scaling. Our approach in building necessary supporting infrastructure before undertaking risky technological expansion is a purposeful winning strategy that will resonate with anyone who has experience in the investing or business world. Every DNotes component is a gear that assists in the motion of all the others by forming a feedback loop that helps self-propagate its own success. Our ultimate vision is for DNotes to become the preeminent vehicle that brings the benefits of digital currency to everyday money users

DNotes Vault

DNotes Vault offers the familiar custodial relationship investors are accustomed to by providing all our stakeholders with secure, guaranteed online storage for their DNotes. With its likely future evolution into an exchange/bank, it will not only operate as a facilitator of everyday transactions like automatic deposits and payroll deductions into our various CRISPs (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans), it will be a financial cornerstone in global commerce and small business success.

4 Pillars of Success

Revenue from “The Four Pillars of Business Success”, a book written by Alan Yong in which he shares four decades worth of business expertise, will help fund future projects and provides valuable exposure for DNotes, our CRISP program, and the rest of the ecosystem. The Four Pillars member website is an affordable e-mentorship program that provides access to Alan and his team, additional resources, and materials that expand on the concept of the book.


There is a great need within the industry for accurate education, straightforward and unbiased news, and representation from women. CryptoMoms, launched by DNotes in 2014, provides a cryptocurrency learning center not just for women, but for anyone that would like to learn or ask questions in a friendly environment. It will also act as a stepping stone toward adoption of DNotes by women’s small businesses.


DCEBrief delivers objective, informative news in the condensed format needed by busy executives, business owners, regulators, and other decision-makers. Aside from a platform to educate this group and others on truth versus misconceptions in the digital currency industry, DCEBrief will be an invaluable media resource for global coverage of all DNotes initiatives.

DNotes Global: Developing the Future of Money

This business ecosystem, including the currency, is operated and further developed by DNotes Global Inc., a for-profit company that will be our payment system’s bridge to the centralized financial world. In an industry first, we have backed DNotes with some of the profits from DNotes Global by awarding 25% of DNotes Global’s equity to our currency itself. which makes every person using our payment system a partial owner of DNotes Global. This arrangement provides intrinsic value to the currency by making every person using our payment system a partial owner of DNotes Global, and presents investors with an additional valuation tool as the company grows. DNotes Global Inc will be central in our plan for massive future growth including: it’s own currency exchange, bank, global payment network, multi-currency cards, mergers and acquisitions, and various other business ventures.

What are DNotes?

CryptoCurrency for the Digital World.

DNotes is an open source decentralized digital currency which enables peer to peer transactions anywhere in the world.

Dnotes enables you to create transactions through a secure, decentralized peer to peer network where the value is determined by supply and demand, rather than Government or banks.


  • Scrypt Algorithm
  • 500,000,000 Total Coins
  • 60 Second Blocktime
  • Kimoto’s Gravity Well (Time warp patched)

Block Reward Structure

  • 1-150,000,250
  • 250-33,250 1,000 (Block bonus for first month)
  • 150,000 + 25
  • Block reward is reduced by 5% yearly

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The DNotes Team

Alan Yong

Alan Yong

Chief Executive Officer

Theodore Hauenstein

Chief Technology Officer

Timothy Goggin

Blockchain Specialist

Ken Chase

Communications Expert

Jef Shilt

Full Stack Developer

Troy O'Brien

Visual Communications

Brandon Cheliak

Education Director

Robert Fehn

CRISP Director, Advisor


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