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BadCredit.Org - DNotes Global: A Blockchain-Based Payments Ecosystem that Fosters Cryptocurrency Usage and Enhances Accessibility

By October 9, 2019 News

As featured on: https://www.badcredit.org/news/dnotes-facilitates-expanded-crypto-usage-and-accessibility/

When people think of cryptocurrency, two industries likely spring to mind: technology and finance. And if someone invests in cryptocurrency, there’s nearly a 25% chance that they work one of those industries.

According to Bitcoin.com, a little more than 15% of crypto holders work in the tech field and 8% work in finance. Cryptocurrency Hub reports that 39% of crypto users and holders are millennials. That number isn’t surprising since the demographic has grown up with hands-on digital technology.

But of all the crypto users in the world, a disproportionately low number are women. Bitcoin.com put the number of female crypto users at a little over 8% in May 2018, and Cryptocurrency Hub reported the figure at 13% as of September 2018 — up from 6% at the start of that year.

Both sources cited the lack of female participation in the crypto-related fields of tech and finance as a contributing factor in the disparity between male and female crypto users. But regardless of the numbers and reasons, cryptocurrencies will need to reach all categories of consumers to compete with, support, or surpass fiat as the dominant medium of exchange.

“What most of the people in our industry need to remember is that, when it comes to currency, whether it’s fiat or digital, we’re talking about the entire population. You cannot exclude certain groups because how could you get mass adoption if you are not inclusive?” said Alan Yong, CEO of DNotes Global, a cryptocurrency and payments platform that aims to foster inclusion.

DNotes cryptocurrency launched in February 2014 and has maintained a focus on becoming a global digital currency that brings equality into the space.

To that end, DNotes Global developed an ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between the current financial and commercial paradigms and emerging decentralized digital currencies. And its HERo initiative will likewise bridge the existing gender gap in crypto along with those in tech, financial services, and entrepreneurship.

An Ecosystem that Offers Greater Efficiency than Fiat and Competing Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies offer many benefits over the current financial system. Faster transactions and transfers, security against fraud, constant availability, and the systems are cheaper to execute since the network entirely cuts out the middlemen.

Read more at: https://www.badcredit.org/news/dnotes-facilitates-expanded-crypto-usage-and-accessibility/


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